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Training Course

T-UK Umpire Course

T-UK National Umpire Course

All Black Belts please note:
This course  will contain latest updates from ITF
 Stratford High School, Alcester Road, Stratford upon Avon.
Sunday 6th July 2014

Registration : 9.30am   Cost £35.00
T-UK Official Dress Required & Gym Shoes 
Stratford on Avon High School, Alcester Road, Stratford.

10.00am Pattern Competition:
Undertanding Paperwork, ie Draw Sheets etc.
Lining up on squares & bowing officials in
Judging Technical Aspects of Pattern

T-UK Technical Course - Sunday 16th March

On 16th March 2014, Taekwon-do – UK has the great pleasure in presenting the Black Belt Technical Course.

This is open to all Blue belt and above from 14yrs and must have been completed before any degree test.

Also all Black Belts must have completed before their next degree test.

Black Belt Technical Course


Morning 9.30am (official dress code)
Benefits of TKD, Correct Protocol in TKD ie Bowing in Dojang, lining up, greetings, passing and receiving, addressing 1st – 3rd Deg, 4th – 6th Deg, 7th – 8th Deg, Grandmasters , dress codes and much more.

Polish Winter Camp 2014

Report on the Polish winter camp January 2014
Izzy and Jeff Brider joined a party from ITF England to participate in the ITF Poland Winter Camp held between 24th and 29th January 2014 in Szyrck in Poland.
The party travelled from Stansted and was met at Katowice Airport for transfer to the training venue.  Once rooms had been allocated and dinner served a meeting was held with Master Loboda, Master Jedut and Mr. Suska to brief the participants on the structure of the week.  We learned that there would be two training sessions a day with consultations with Masters Loboda and Jedut and Mr.

70th ITF International Instructor Course

The Trident Group is proud to announce we now have 14 International Instructors following a 3 day event in Watford.  They were lucky enough to be instructed by Grand Masters Hector Marano, Willem Bos and Ung Kim Lan who displayed astounding knowledge and technical ability. Expect to see some of their new training methods in your classes soon!  You can read the full story here…

A group of 14 students, led by Mr Miley, from the Trident Group based in Manchester attended the 70 IIC which took place in Watford.
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