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Class Changes

Trident TKD Academy Venue Changes

Just so you are not confused below is a summary of all the changes of venue. The ones in white do not have a change of venue yet. I will email you as soon as I have sorted one out and update the website as well.

All other dates not shown will be held at the rugby club. If there are any changes to this then I will let you know right away.

Monday (4.15pm to 9pm)

Sale High School, Norris Rd, Sale, M33 3JR

4th & 11th September - Gymnasium (car park and entrance off Croft Road)
2nd & 9th October

New Adult & Teens Class Timetable

I have changed the class timetable for the new year as I have thought that there is too many classes for the number of students that we have and so the classes are always very small. I want to have fun enjoyable classes were we have a social buzz around the classes. It was also found that we have a lot of children in the classes were we pull the curtain across on some sessions. We squeeze 20 into two thirds of the dojang and on the other size of the curtain there is one or two adults. That doesn't make sense as the big children's classes need more space.
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